Food for Goa Weddings

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Food for Goa WeddingsIf you are planning a wedding in Goa then selecting a vendor who can provide the best food for the wedding will be your top most concern. While selecting a vendor who can provide the best catering services for your Goa wedding, you need to take certain precautions in mind. First and foremost, you need to check whether or not the caterer has the mandatory licenses to serve food and drinks at the wedding venue. Unlicensed vendors can be fined by the authorities causing inconvenience to you and your family. The chosen caterer should be an expert in the kind of cuisine that you want to offer to your guests. You can gauge that by asking him about innovative trendy dishes that are highly in demand by customers. Other things that you need to ask your caterer are as follows.

Hidden costs need to be ascertained before hand. Foremost among them being the ‘cost –per-person' parameter, wherein you will be charged according to number of persons attending the wedding. You must confirm in advance whether the cost per person includes the food, décor, crockery or is it just “cost -per –plate.” You would also need to inquire whether or not he can provide special meals for children and can modify his recipes according to any specific diet and religious restrictions. If he has the flexibility to meet any expected demands that may arise on the D-day.

Check out, if the caterer can provide a complete package for breakfast, lunch and dinner till the guests stay at your place. You would also need to negotiate a good deal for unlimited cola drinks that may be consumed before, after and during the wedding day. The type and quality of the liquor that he can supply with the help of skilled bartenders is also something that you need to take care of. Having a skilled bartender who can engage the guests and stir up exciting cocktails and mocktails is also important. Guests before hitting the food often take the bar and the rush of guests is quite high. Your caterer should be able to arrange for adequate manpower as guests can get impatient if the drinks are not served on time.