Goa Beach Wedding

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Goa Beach WeddingBeach weddings have become the latest trend amongst young couples. A wedding by the beach is the perfect blend of economy and novelty. It provides the perfect option for those who are who are willing to try something new and are not afraid of being experimental in their approach. Another important factor which turns the scale in favour of Goa is that its beaches are cleaner and neater as compared to any other city and that works in its favour. Guests at your wedding can enjoy Goan music bands and guzzle feni, a unique alcoholic drink typical of Goa .

Your family and friends will love the experience of getting entertained on the beach with some feet tapping Goan music. Attending a wedding ceremony with cool breeze blowing in their faces and the soft sound of the gushing waves in full moonlight is an experience they would cherish for a long time to come. Add to it some mouth-watering seafood, exciting cocktails and you have all the elements in place for a memorable wedding.

Full-moon parties that precede most beach weddings are unique to goa's culture. The romantic beaches of Calangute,Baga, Anjuna,Vagator are the perfect venues for full moon stag or hen parties. Beach weddings that incorporate a theme become even more interesting for guests. The chosen themes could be based on the prevalent season or any impending festival to add a contemporary touch to the weddings. Goa beach weddings are ideal for those who have limited financial resources at hand and desire a private wedding.

Beach weddings being held at an outdoor location, do not require much decoration. However , a candlelight décor would be the perfect complement to your wedding party. One can use candles of various , shapes and sizes to light up the ambience in an evening party. If you use colourful, scented candles of innovative shapes and sizes then it will have a captivating effect on your guests by adding an element of style to the wedding. Try a beach wedding for a change and see how you are overwhelmed with compliments for your thoughtfulness.