Goa christian wedding

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Goa Christian WeddingWedding ceremony is one of the most auspicious occasions of life that everyone wants to make special and memorable. In fact it is the celebration of the most happiest and significant change of an individual's life. The internet market is flooded with websites providing promising wedding planning services at affordable prices. But the decision to hand over the responsibility of your wedding reception should be taken very cautiously and after a thorough research.

A Christian wedding in Goa can be immensely delightful for the couple as well as the attendants. There are plentiful of grand Churches. The percentage of Christian population in India can be estimated as Christianity is third largest religion.

Wedding outfit: The bride wears a beautiful white gown and the groom is dressed up in suit for the marriage ceremony.

Some of the pre Goa Christian wedding rituals are Bridal shower which is basically a fun get together of females. And at the groom side, a grand bachelor party is hosted by the groom for his friends. Then finally at the nuptial day, the centre of attraction- bride and groom walks slowly to reach near the priest who read the Psalms from Holy Bible. After that the couple exchange the rings and earns the blessing of everyone witnessing the pleasant occasion. Finally the priest declare them husband and wife.
Almost every catholic wedding is followed by a reception party where the newly wed couple cuts the cake and share their happiness with their family and friends. We decorate your celebrations by arranging the whole thing perfectly. From cuisine to music, we select the best for your espousal in an absolute reasonable cost.

A magnificent Goa Christian espousal is what we organize for you. Enjoy the advantageous services by just connecting with us.