Theme Weddings in Goa

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Having a theme helps in adding a special touch to the wedding, it also sets your wedding a bit different from others. It's a simple rule that great food, great ambience combined with great décor lead to a great party. Once the theme has been chosen, the rest of the things like music, clothing, and food are co-ordinated with the set pre-decided theme.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding numerous options exist for those who want to do things a bit differently. One can choose a theme based on the season in which the wedding takes place. So you can have a spring theme or a winter theme for your wedding. If by any chance your wedding date coincides with any suspicious day like Christmas, New Year, Easter then you have on your hand another interesting option of selecting a Christmas Theme, Valentines Theme, Easter Theme, Carnival Theme, Caribbean Night Theme. However, the most popular wedding theme amongst Indian marriages continue to be the village themes, Hindu wedding theme as these themes can be applied to weddings from any community. Apart from seasonal wedding themes or carnival theme, one can also try out themes based on fantasies like dream land theme, Arabian theme, Egyptian or Hawaii theme. The décor may have aquamarine or Mediterranean colours predominant in it.

Some innovative folks also try out period themes based on a specific time period in history. These could be Egyptian mummy theme, pirates theme, ancient Rome theme where a snapshot of the cities can be kept in the background. Beach wedding themes are also an interesting option for those planning a theme wedding in goa. Goa with its sun kissed beaches, lush green hills provides the ideal backdrop for a perfect beach wedding. The really adventurous amongst you can try underwater weddings or mid air weddings. However such weddings are experimented by a miniscule minority of people with a very brave heart. Such weddings are classified as those with extreme wedding themes.