Wedding Card design

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Wedding Card DesignA beautifully designed wedding card lends a very positive impression about the preparation and opulence of your wedding. Your wedding card should be designed in such a way that it brings joy and cheer to the recipients. Meticulously crafted wedding cards are the need of the day. An economical way to get an idea about the designs that are in vogue is to access some online resources. One can browse through thousands of designs and purchase them instantly also.

The design of the invitation cards varies according to the kind of wedding it caters to. If you are planning a traditional hindu wedding, then the design of your wedding card will have a more traditional look and feel to it. If it is a Sikh, Muslim or Christian wedding then the designs of the wedding card will vary accordingly. Muslim wedding cards usually are green in colour. The best way to choose a perfect wedding card is to select the ones that have fascinating colours, attractive designs.

One cannot ignore the magic of the single –sheet wedding cards that were in vogue till a few decades ago. Hands made wedding cards have their own appeal and are much sought after by customers, even though they are a bit expensive. Couples who are about to get married should always bear in mind that your wedding card is not just an invitation card but an expression of your feelings. It is a reflection of your personal tastes and styles. So you should ensure that your wedding card makes a wonderful first impression.

There is another category of wedding cards known as bespoke cards that are customized according to the personal tastes and preferences of the bride and the groom. These type of cards often include personalized inserts that carry the personal wedding message of the family sending it.