Wedding Flowers

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Wedding FLowersThe landscape of Goa during the spring season blooms with flowers of varied hues and colours. Prominent among them being the blue and purple flowers that are used with lime green and white flowers to make a lovely bouquet of flowers.Wedding flowers are of two types mainly real and artificial. The beauty, colour, fragrance and warmth of natural flowers is simply unmatched. Artificial flowers, no matter how exquisitely designed can never match natural flowers on these parameters.

The biggest drawback however with natural flowers is that they dull and wither away within a day or two. Artificial flowers can last a long time sometimes weeks, months after the wedding. Some couples who have a very practical approach to life prefer artificial flowers and use them as decorative items. The magical land of Goa boasts of an amazing variety and diversity of flowers of various hues and colours.

Building an opulent bouquet comprising of beautiful and fragrant flowers of contrasting colours is no mean task It requires careful planning, thought and consideration on the part of the buyer. It's best to entrust this task to a professional florist. He or she would also take care of other important aspects like the type and quality of green plants to use in the flower arrangements planned for the wedding. There are some innovative florists who, if you desire, can make bouquets out of green plants also. Ferns, ivy, herbs, fall leaves are some of the green plants that are used during such flower arrangements. Artificial flowers used for the weddings could be made of the following materials: Silk wedding, origami florals, crystal, glass, carved wood, leather.

Generally, the thumb rule for selecting wedding flowers is to use seasonal flowers and the ones with contrasting colours and include a few imported flowers like orchids to make a magnificent bouquet, making it a memorable present for the couple.