Wedding Mandap Decoration

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Wedding Mandap DecorationIf your child's wedding is on the cards then the décor for the wedding mandap is something that you need to pay the utmost attention to. It will be the centre-piece of attention during the wedding ceremony. Since some of the most sacred ceremonies happen here, you need to ensure that the task of decorating the wedding mandap be entrusted to someone who has the necessary expertise in doing so.

Traditionally, the wedding mandap consists of a canopy that stands on four pillars; each of them being decorated by religiously significant colours like red, maroon, purple, silver and gold. According to the Hindu tradition, these are auspicious colours which signify happiness and prosperity. The wedding mandap in a Hindu wedding is decorated by lights, banana leaves, sacred threads and similar such articles. The mandap consists of a fire-place in the centre which is lit by a sacred fire in which couples pour “auspicious materials” to keep the fire burning all night long.

Seating arrangements inside a wedding mandap also need to be taken care of. Mats, carpets that are to be laid on the ground need to be taken care of. They not only need to be comfortable but also aesthetically appealing for the guests. You also need to add some fancy cushions to make your guests comfortable as the wedding rituals can go all night long. Other things that can enhance the beauty of the wedding mandap include fresh flowers, hanging artefacts, diyas (earthen ware lamps), floor painting (rangoli) designed around the fireplace.

The fireplace is the centrepiece of the wedding mandap and is lit by a holy fire. The four pillars within the mandap signify the support of the parents from the bride and groom's family as well as the four Vedas. It is around this “sanctum sanctorum' that all rituals take place amidst the chanting of holy verses by the priests. Wedding mandap decoration is an art that requires skill and experience. Only those who have years of experience in this field can deliver what they promise on the most important day of your life.