Wedding ritual in Goa

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A wonderful experience When the group conversation shifts to beautiful beaches, seashores, sea surfing and fun, the image of Goa comes at first in your mind. The freshness of west coast, the spicy modern culture and remarkable Portuguese architecture makes it an ideal city. Just think about a marriage happening on a beach side of Goa with all the traditions and customs in sound of dancing waves. Isn't this sound like a dream? We realize your dreams and give you a fair opportunity to experience the difference.

The wedding ritual in Goa can differ according to the style of marriage you choose. There can be catholic marriage and Hindu marriage. Let us give a quick glance on these two customs

Catholic wedding - Usually the wedding ceremony takes place in noon. Then the public exchange of vows in the presence of all the relatives, invited guests and an officiating priest happens.

Traditional Hindu Wedding - The groom dressed in sherwani and bride dressed in beautiful red costume gets married surrounded by the entire family and social circle. Then after the completion of wedding ceremony everyone showers turmeric soaked rice.

Other common rituals
The Hair Cutting Ritual

 In this ritual the groom is supposed to get his hair trimmed and ceremony is witnessed by the songs of relatives and friends. The barber is rewarded with coconut and rice. This ceremony is held prior to the bath with coconut-pulp, juice or milk. This ceremony is held among all communities. 

The Beggar's Lunch  
This ritual of Christians is held two days before the wedding in which some poor people are served with a tempting lunch party. This lavish treat includes pork, beef, fish, rice, a special curry and a sweet dish at the end. This is one of the most popular wedding rituals in Goa.

Who would want to miss the amazing chance to experience this much adventure? The coconuts and beaches of Goa are waiting for your wedding celebrations!