Wedding Style

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Every human being is different and therefore every couple has its own tastes and preferences. Every wedding carries with itself the indelible imprint of the wedding style of the couple. The wedding style of a couple is reflected in the theme chosen by them for the wedding. The theme for the wedding includes the food, décor, music and the dresses worn by the couple during the wedding. Each of these elements has a crucial role to play in the wedding of the couple. One must remember that the dresses worn by the couple, the decor, food, and music all go into deciding the wedding style of the couple. The idea is to represent two individual entities as well as the union of two families. The theme for the wedding could either be based on seasons, fantasies, history or tradition.

Dresses worn by the bride as well as the make Ėup, hair style, accessories worn by the couple define the personal wedding style of the couple. Wedding gowns worn by the bride are an important element of the wedding style of a couple. Wedding gowns could be ballroom-style, basque type, column type or empire, mermaid style wedding dresses. The process of finding the perfect wedding gown can be both exciting and tiring at the same time. The idea should be to try out a couple of outfits before zeroing in on the right dress. Communicating your needs to your designer also helps. He or she would be able to suggest the dress that would fit your body perfectly and at the same time seem practical also.

The other important aspects of the wedding style of the couple are the food and the décor respectively. The décor can depend upon the chosen theme. If it is a village style theme that has been chosen then all items of the décor would carry an ethnic and earthy look and feel. The food can be a mix of Oriental, Continental, Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, and Mexican. In short, any combination of foods that can tickle the taste buds of your guests making it a memorable experience for all concerned.