Wedding Venues in Goa

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Goa with its exciting music bands, rain dances and full moon parties on cruises offers the ideal environment for celebrating the most beautiful ceremonies of your life. Goa has an exciting night life and its numerous beach resorts and star category hotels offer a plethora of options for those looking to celebrate their wedding in a regal style.

Couples who decide to have a wedding in Goa can either choose to conduct their wedding in a banquet or wedding hall. These have been traditionally the venues of choice for those who do not have much time on their hands. Since the entire infrastructure is already in place, the turnaround time in setting up the décor for your wedding is quite less. As a customer you only need to arrange for the food, music and DJ, the rest everything like lighting, dance floor etc are arranged by the management of the banquet hall.

In Goa , the best outdoor venues for your wedding are the its white sandy beaches. If you plan to have a dream wedding then these beaches will serve as the perfect backdrop to fulfil your dream. The pristine beaches of Goa are ideal if the number of guests who turn up at your wedding are not very high and you intend to have a very private ceremony involving only your close friends and relatives. However beach weddings are governed according to local laws and so their timings are restricted. If your wedding or reception ceremony goes late into the night then it is preferable that you choose an indoor venue for your wedding.

Indoor venues can include a hotel, cottage or mansion that can be reserved exclusively for wedding purposes. One can expect the finest décor like organza tied chairs and the décor dotted with orchids imported from abroad. Even the seating arrangements for the couple are exquisitely decorated and the overall show is professionally managed by well trained managers. The cost of conducting an indoor wedding is slightly on the higher side while beach weddings are an excellent option for those on a budget.